Service Assurance for ISP

                                                    Service Assurance for ISP

Service Assurance for ISP Automated

                                              Service Assurance for ISP Automated

Nowdays effieciency of Service Assurance is not to automate a single operation, but end-to-end process.

It is a duty for ISP to assure own customers with services they are deserve. Service quality is perceived also as speed of repair of network issues.

What is going on between "host down" event or customer's call "my internet doesn't work!" and "thank you! my internet is restored!"?

Despite every provider uses many OSS tools, there are still many manual operations in each step of problem management workflow.

Increase efficiency of Service Assurance with our services

For our solutions we use:

  • use SNT Correlation Engine that runs on open source application server.
  • Integrate with Monitoring system, Service Desk, Trouble Ticketing system, and other.
  • provide scenarios templates that can be customized according to customer requirements - automate operations

Service Assurance for ISP project results

These are examples of operations we automate:

  • Monitor list of events for new alarms and changes on network in fault management system
  • Get information about available on BTS resources from network inventory
  • Identify situation severity and priority
  • Create notification for Contact Center
  • Try to restore problem remotely via NMS or terminal
  • Create trouble ticket and dispatch it to responsible group
  • Track recovery process and escalate if needed
  • React on changes in situation
  • Verify resolution and close trouble ticket and notification

Service Assurance for ISP operational benefits

As a result of:

  • Automation of routine operations – NOC engineers can focus on complex issues;
  • Automation services status check & restoration attempt by Contact Center operators – reduce # of trouble tickets to NOC engineers;
  • Providing service status for customers – reduce # of complaints to Contact Center.

Service Assurance for ISP business benefits

Improving efficiency of operations leads to:

  • Reduce OPEX;
  • Reduce Downtime;
  • Improve customers satisfaction;
  • Reduce churn.