Centralized Security Policy

Development of company business processes is characterised by expansion of duties, emergence of new roles, changes to profile of workplaces and usage of different methods of access to corporate resources.

Security Information and Event Management

Various nature of business processes of different enterprises and need to response to emerging security challenges demand establishment of security system operating in real time mode. 

Identity Management

IT environment of modern middle and large enterprises and organizations uses various information systems which can amount to hundreds literary. 

Mobile Device Management

Work processes become more and more technological which contributes to surge of client applications with convenient interfaces. They enable usage not only at notebooks but also at mobile devices, tablets and smartphones in the first place. 

Network Security

Networks security in corporate networks provides for protected data transfer and remote network access. 

Data Loss Prevention

Information protection is an urgent task for modern enterprises. Experts point out that major threat to information security are the employees and in most cases through negligent, not malicious action. 

DoS and DDoS Protection

Any organization using Internet to run business requires protection of IT infrastructure from DDoS attacks. DDoS attacks is an attempt to force unavailability of IT infrastructure or organization services.