Services by the Leader of the National SCS Market

SNT Ukraine, a TOP3 Ukrainian systems integrator by competence, experience and key financial indicators possesses unique expertise in SCS implementation. 

SCS: Structured Cabling Systems

Structured cabling system is a telecommunication infrastructure of the local networks serving to transfer digital, voice and video information as well as for delivery of other telecommunication services.

Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Air conditioning and ventilation are integral parts of engineering infrastructure of any data center. 

Data Protection

Physical protection of sensitive corporate information is an integral part of complex protection and minimizes information security risks. 

Power Supply

SNT Ukraine offers a number of services in development an implementation of power supply systems which are a combination of electric devices aimed at power supply to consumers. 

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance systems, aka IP video surveillance use wired or wireless IP networks as the environment to transfer video, audio and other types of data. 

Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting

Fire alarm systems are an integral part of premises security systems. Fire alarm systems functions include detection of fire at initial stage and initiating alarm signal. 

Dispatch and Monitoring

Industrial control systems are a group of hardware and software solutions aimed at automation of management of technological equipment at industrial, civil and administrative premises. 

Integrated Security

Integral security complex is a combination of security alarm system, video control system and access control system acting synchronously and unites to provide maximal object security.