OSS API allows for Contact Center operators to diagnose problems with customer-premises equipment fast and efficiently.

An example of automated process is shown in the picture below.

1. Customer contacts communication service provider and complains: “Internet doesn’t work”. Operator enters his contract ID into Help Desk and presses “check status” button.
2. OSS API gets contract ID from Help Desk software.
3. OSS API obtains IP-address, device model name and other relevant data from network inventory system based on contract ID.
4. OSS API sends the appropriate commands to device to verify service status.
5. The output is parsed by OSS API.
6. The results are returned to the contact center operator.

There are other supported by OSS API scenarios:

  • Deactivate services in case subscriber’s account has a negative balance.
  • Activate services when account is topped up.
  • Provide more detailed information about device for NOC engineers.

Solution is built to meet requirements: high performance, high availability and distributed operation.