Site Access

Every mobile network operator has many sites with base and radio relay stations.

Field engineer has to access to site to do maintenance or repair works. He need to get approval for access from NOC engineer. Checking sensors, equipment requires access to environmental and other events from site. Manual procedure of site access approval and receiving information about events require a lot of time from NOC engineers.

In the pictures below general access to site control and events processing procedure without and with Site Access is shown

S&T Site Access solution provides following key functions:

• Access authorization automation:
- Request from and response to field engineer send / receive via mobile device;
- Authorize access according to work order, works timeframe, mobile device number and so on.
• Alert generation in case access is unauthorized.
• Supporting site access statuses: Logged, Accessed, Unaccessed, Leaved.
• Notification to field engineer’s mobile device about events from sensors or equipment on site.
• Site access reporting.

Main benefits of using Site Access solution are:

• Increase operational efficiency of NOC engineers.
• Secure access to sites.