Operations Support Systems – OSS

Efficient network & service assurance, quick service provisioning are among the key qualities of successful communication service providers.

S&T Ukraine OSS solutions allow to increase efficiency of Network Operations & Maintenance processes:

• Identification of events impacting on Network & Services.
• Events correlation & Root-Cause Analysis.
• Events filtering & Trouble Tickets creation.
• Deliver alert messaging about faults in the network to responsible engineers.
• Manage access of engineers to BTS sites. When accessed, provide them with information from Fault Management system.
• Automate information exchange between Call Centre, Billing and network devices.
• Provide information about physical (including cable), logical, services connectivity of network devices.

In real life end-to-end process automation is implemented with number of OSS systems, and we have experience with them as shown on picture below.

S&T Ukraine is a leading system integrator in Ukraine with more than 10 years' experience in OSS solutions implementation. We build our solutions using products from leading vendors:

IBM Netcool – Umbrella Fault Management System. Netcool/Impact collect network events and process them according to rules. This allows timely reaction against faults affecting services and perform proactive issues remediation before they influence service quality.

xMatters – alert management according to duties schedule with ability to process and pass response of engineer (acknowledgement / reject) to Fault Management System.

Amdocs Cramer OSS – resource inventory that tracks both physical equipment and logical resource allocation including both active and planned changes. (Network Resource Inventory Management).

Most of Operations Support products need to be customized according to existing processes, data models and integrated with other systems. Additional specialized applications are usually developed during implementation that extend and complement commercial-of-the-shelf products. S&T Ukraine has developed and implemented a number of such solutions:

Site Access – solution for automation of access to BTS sites according to defined rules for authorized engineers and subcontractors. Sends environmental and other important events from telecommunication equipment on site to engineer’s mobile device.

Correlation Engine – specialized platform for correlation algorithms implementation, events enrichment, Root Cause and Service Impact Analysis, Runbook Automation.

OSS API – allows Contact Center operators to diagnose problems with customer-premises equipment fast and efficiently.

OSS Integrator – delivers all information relevant to engineer’s tasks from different OSS systems (Fault Management, Trouble Ticketing, Network Inventory, GIS, etc.) to mobile device.

Amdocs Cramer OSS adaptors to EMS / NMS – special software for extraction, transformation and synchronization of data from EMS / NMS.

Algorithms for cross-domain topology discovery – specialized algorithms for logical topology discovery in heterogeneous networks (PDH, SDH, DWDM, IP/MPLS) needed for example to track actual circuits between NodeB and RNC.

Our experience enables us deliver solutions providing real benefits.