S&T consults, plans and creates individually-tailored, customer-specific solutions sourced from the technologies and products of the world's leading hardware and software manufacturers. As a result of S&T’s unique structure, S&T teams in each country are not only provided with well-trained professionals who know all the specifics of the local situation, they can also call upon the international expertise of S&T’s experts in 19 countries who actively support and promote the exchange of knowledge, providing a level of back-up support that local companies cannot


Telecommunications industry is among the most developed in Ukraine. Large and technologically developed mobile operators, fast modernization of the leading national fixed lines operator, emerging providers offering next generation services and fierce competition require maximum business and technological efficiency. This requires up-to-date and reliable IT solutions and services. This is the sphere in which S&T Ukraine is truly successful. We have long ago earned firm reputation of the reliable IT partner of the biggest Ukrainian telecommunications companies. Many of our biggest and most successful projects were completed for them

Financial Institutions

The financial services industry faces serious challenges in Ukraine. Recent world and local financial crises, economic situation and fierce competition require that banks, insurance companies and credit establishments use all available means, including modern and reliable IT infrastructure and services, to increase competitiveness

Manufacturing Industry

Ukrainian manufacturing enterprises face serious challenges. Sharp demand fluctuations and low availability of credit resources in the wake of the recent world economic crisis as well as tough global competition create enormous pressure on the national manufacturing industry. Modernization, new products launch, entering new markets and increasing cost efficiency are still on agenda for the majority of the Ukrainian manufacturing enterprises. All this can only be achieved with modern IT infrastructure providing necessary services to all units of the enterprises


Ukraine faces the challenge of implementation of the European standards in the fuel and energy industry. It has to be modernized and restructured as well as the energy market has to be formed and liberalized gradually. These reforms require significant resources, new technologies and organizational changes as well as new IT-solutions automating production, transportation, distribution and sales processes in the fuel and energy industry

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