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Alfa-Bank Ukraine

Alfa-Bank Ukraine is one of the most dynamic privately-owned banks in Ukraine and is a part of the Alfa Group Consortium. It was registered in Ukraine in January 2001. Alfa-Bank Ukraine operates in all key sectors of the banking sphere, including retail, corporate banking and arrangement and underwriting of corporate bonds. On August 1, 2007, the Bank made into the list of the country’s ten largest banks, according to the Association of Ukrainian Banks (AUB).

The Bank offers its services through a network of branches, points of sale, auto loans financing desks and representative offices, which are located in the most economically developed areas of Ukraine.

Alfa-Bank Ukraine is the largest corporate customer among the Top 100 companies in the country. These companies are active in a variety of sectors, including metallurgy, railway transport, oil and gas etc.

More details at: www.alfabank.com.ua

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