S&T Launch:1999
Head Office:Sarajevo
Branch Office:Banja Luka
Number of Employees:8


Service Offerings

S&T BA specialises in particular in the areas of IT systems (enterprise systems), business solutions (business systems) and maintenance and (as well as) management of IT system (managed services). These include:

  • Development and implementation of document management systems
  • Development of E-business solutions
  • Implementation of banking applications
  • Development of business intelligence systems
  • Support for leading relational databases
  • Implementation of secure IT infrastructure and security IT systems
  • Integration of different platforms and business-critical computer systems
  • Development of safe data storage and disaster recovery systems
  • nagement of IT system (managed services).


S&T BA’s customers are mostly large and mid-sized companies from the areas of telecommunication, financial services, the manufacturing industry as well as public administration, including:

  • BH Telecom
  • British American Tobacco
  • HVB Central Profit bank
  • Kompas Sarajevo
  • Merkator BH
  • Ministry of Finance and Treasury
  • NBB (Nova Banjalucka banka)
  • Philip Morris BH
  • Raiffeisen banka
  • UPI banka
  • Volksbank