Our Projects

Wide implementation of the cutting-edge network technologies and corporate software enable us connect branches and regional offices of companies and organizations as well as provide access to information and its real-time analysis. Today S&T Ukraine successfully completes sophisticated and innovative projects at a national scale.

Selected Projects:

- Support of the backbone DWDM and IP/MPLS networks for Kyivstar
- Corporate backup storage for Astelit
- IT infrastructure support for Oschadbank
- Corporate backup storage for Ukreximbank
- IT infrastructure support for Prominvestbank

- Videoconferencing system for Oschadbank
- Call center for Oschadbank
- Upgrade of the backbone DWDM and IP/MPLS networks for Kyivstar
- Oracle Exadata for Astelit
- IT and telecommunications infrastructure for space flight control center of Ukrcosmos

- New processing center infrastructure for Oschadbank
- Upgrade of network core for Oschadbank data center
- DPI solution for Kievstar
- Upgrade of Kievstar IP/MPLS and DWDM networks
- Oracle Exadata solution for Kievstar
- High-end storage system for Astelit

- Upgrade of DWDM and IP/ MPLS networks for Kievstar
- Corporate storage system for the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine
- Upgrade of the automated unified billing system for Ukrtelecom
- Upgrade of corporate data center for Ukrtelecom
- Upgrade of the network infrastructure of the State Savings Bank of Ukraine

- Installation and upgrade of Oracle Exadata complexes for Kievstar
- Network infrastructure for Euro-2012
- OGO! Disk system for Ukrtelecom (Cloud Storage Solution)
- TelePresence and videoconferencing systems for Kievstar
- Identity management system for Raiffeisen Bank Aval

- Identity Management system for Astelit
- IP/MPLS network core modernization for Kievstar GSM
- Implementation of Oracle Exadata for Kievstar GSM. First project in Ukraine
- Multilevel information management system for Ukrtelecom

- Uniform systemic IT infrastructure for DTEK  
- Upgrade of the network and server infrastructure for the State Savings Bank of Ukraine
- Back up data center for Astelit
- Support contract for the backbone DWDM, IP/MPLS network of Kievstar GSM

- Corporate data network for АrselorMittal Kryvyi Rig
- Corporate multiservice network for VTB Bank
- Analytical information system to support the Register of Clients of the former USSR Sberbank for the State Savings Bank of Ukraine

- IT infrastructure core for PROVIDNA
- Bank automation system cluster solution for the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine
- Upgrade of a corporate storage and back up system for Astelit

- Geographically distributed corporate data centers for Ukrtelecom
- Region-Oblast level access IT infrastructure for Ukrtelecom
- DWDM optical backbone network for Kievstar GSM

- First CIS commercial WiMAX network for the Ukrainian Highest Technologies
- Multiservice network for the Institute of Strategic Assessments
- Contact centres for Nadra Bank and Dogmat Ukraine

- National RadioSpot wireless access network for Ukrtelecom
- Events monitoring systems for Ukrainian Mobile Communications and Kievstar GSM’s telecommunication networks

- Secure corporate distributed data network for Vabank
- Scalable server solution for Prominvestbank

- Corporate territorially distributed multiservice network for Zhytomyroblenergo
- Installation of HP Superdome supercomputer for billing for Kievstar GSM 

- High availability cluster system for the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine

- Server cluster systems for billing for Kievstar GSM and Ukrainian Mobile Communications mobile operators

- National Internet access network for Ukrtelecom
- Data network for Ilichovsky Sea Port

- Corporate network for Kiev Municipal Centre for Employment

- Data network for Coca-Cola Ukraine Ltd.
- Data network for the State Export-Import Bank of Ukraine

- Data network for the Ukrainian Ministry of Transportation

- Geographically distributed corporate network for Ukraina Bank

- Data network for the Kiev branch of Ukraina Bank